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Monday, 7th December 2020

A year after its launch in South Africa, UD Trucks’ Quon range is addressing many of the challenges faced by fleet owners in the local transport industry. This includes aspects like fuel efficiency, productivity and uptime.A year after its launch in South Africa, UD Trucks’ Quon range is addressing many of the challenges faced by fleet owners in the local transport industry. This includes aspects like fuel efficiency, productivity and uptime.

The range is locally produced at UD Trucks’ assembly plant in Rosslyn, Pretoria and was introduced in South Africa in September 2019.

Featuring eight derivatives, the Euro 5 level range is specifically aimed at bringing leading-edge innovation that makes sense in the local operating environment. The range includes four 6x4 rigid models, and four 6x4 truck-tractor options, and is especially suited to the distribution, petro-chemical and FMCG market segments.

“The new Quon has been in some fleets for more than a year now, and the feedback we have received from customers are confirming its relevance in the world we live in today,” said Filip Van den Heede, managing director of UD Trucks Southern Africa. “Amid the competitive business climate, there is an immense pressure on transport companies to reduce operational costs. Through innovative technology and support services, the Quon range is supporting customers to achieve optimal levels of uptime and efficiency.”

Initial customer feedback has been very positive, specifically around the safety features and particularly the traffic eye brake. UD Trucks is also getting encouraging comments on the fuel consumption, as well as the drivability of the vehicle. There has also been repeat business from customers who have already added more Quons to their fleets due to the good performance of their initial unit’s performance.

“Quon is challenging the status quo as to what essentials are needed in a truck. It is a truck range that reflects our customers’ requirements for a highly-productive vehicle that is optimised for their businesses and the local transport environment,” explained Van den Heede.

Unrelenting Support
UD Trucks has a far-reaching dealer network that has been supporting fleet owners throughout this rather challenging year. UD Trucks fleet owners has therefore been able to safely operate and serve their customers, and the economy at large, to deliver goods and services to all corners of the region.

“UD Trucks has over the past few years invested, more than during any other period in our history, in facilities, in services, in our people, and not in the least, in our products,” said Van den Heede. “The Quon continues to move us into a stronger position in the South African truck industry.”

Quon meets the needs of transport solutions in the modern age by “putting people first” in every fine detail and pushing boundaries further than ever before through leading edge innovations. Quon is therefore equipped with advanced safety features that protect the driver and cargo, but also cares for the safety of the vehicle’s surroundings.


The cockpit has been redesigned around the way it feels to use it, with operability and visibility ergonomically reengineered from the ground up.

The new ESCOT-VI electronically controlled automatic transmission adopts a simple, easy-to-use straight shift pattern, further advancing the Quon’s operability while also enhancing its ability to navigate muddy conditions.

The disc brakes provide a swift, smooth response and outstanding braking performance. Through these features, Quon provides a comfortable driving environment allowing drivers to simply concentrate on the road ahead.




Fuel Efficiency
The new Quon range boasts a fuel-efficient, powerful, and clean 11-liter GH11 engine.

It generates powerful torque from low revs up through a wide RPM range, making the Quon a pleasure to drive. To further support fuel-efficient driving, the Quon also features UD Trucks’ Nenpi Fuel Coach - a system that displays driving advice to help drivers achieve further improvement the vehicle’s fuel economy.

Additional contributors to Quon’s fuel efficiency are a weight reduction in the physical truck, as well as low air resistance.

Advanced Euro 5 technology, in all the new Quon models, also contributes to better fuel efficiency and environmentally friendlier emissions through UD’s SCR technology.

Quon utilises a range of basic, passive and active safety features to keep the driver, the cargo, as well as other road users as safe as possible.
The UD Trucks Traffic Eye Brake system (collision mitigation braking), which uses high-precision radar and a cabin-mounted camera for dual-monitoring of the road ahead.

A Lane Departure Warning System alerts the driver when they are straying across lanes and is especially intended to keep drivers from falling asleep at the wheel. An additional Driver Alert Support alerts the driver by sound and a message in the display, if the system detects any symptoms of inattentive driving or drowsy driving.

Adaptive Cruise Control is an extension of standard cruise control as it adapts the distance to the target vehicle in accordance to a selected time-gap and the speed of the subject vehicle by controlling the engine, powertrain and brakes of the Quon.

UD stability control, or UDSC sensor, detects conditions in which the truck could become unstable, such as curves or slippery road surfaces, the system applies control appropriate to engine output and braking power to each tire to maintain stability.

Quon is also fitted with disc brakes featuring heat-release properties for superb and industry benchmark anti-fade performance.



Every component has been refined to realise an overall lighter vehicle, while achieving gains in load-carrying capacity of up to 200kg, depending on the model.

Improved ease of loading, bodybuilding efficiency and smoothness at creeping speed for approaching loading docks also reflect UD Trucks’ commitment to boost productivity for fleet owners.


Quon represents a further upgrade in vehicle reliability and durability. It is easier to maintain, with a reduced number of parts requiring regular replacement and longer service intervals on genuine parts.

Advanced features like LED lights, disc brakes, rust prevention and sealed hub bearings all contribute to Quon’s uptime. Moreover, comprehensive UD Extra Mile Support including UD Genuine Parts and Service, the UD Trust service agreement, and UD Telematics utilising the latest in connectivity - keeps customers’ vehicles in the best possible condition to maximise uptime.

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