Truck Finance


UD Trucks Financial Services delivers a full range of products and services available directly through your UD Trucks dealer network. You’ll get a comprehensive and flexible finance or lease solution that’s tailored to your needs from the same place where you purchased and service your truck. We will do everything possible to help you get your UD Truck on the road, as soon as possible.

Industry experts

UD Financial Services finances only UD Trucks, so we understand the transport industry and we understand your business better than any other financier. We offer you a customized solution, including finance, insurance, and maintenance options, be it for a single unit or an entire fleet, new or used.

Support throughout the business cycle

Our UD Trucks finance specialists can find a solution you can rely on. We're here to help you in good times and tough times – a true business partner who is with you every step of the way throughout the business cycle.

Preserve your credit line

Our UD Truck finance solutions can be an additional source for your financing needs, next to your bank. So you can preserve your credit line with your bank and use that for other purposes.

A Complete Solution

Whether you are looking at tax-efficient financing, tax liability reduction, or cash flow improvement, we have the right on-balance or off-balance sheet finance solutions for you. Our installment loan, finance lease, and maintenance lease options can be customised to suit your business needs.

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